HKKMS Statement of Accounts

The Hong Kong Knowledge Management Society (HKKMS) has released its statement of accounts for the period 2008 March to 2009 December. This statement was supposed to be part of the last Annual General Meeting (AGM) in December 2009. I’ve checked the accounts, prepared some questions and added some explanation of the statement here. If you are a member of the HKKMS then think about asking for the answers to these questions.

I was part of a a group of people who asked for a Special General Meeting (SGM) in March. We thought that there needed to be an open and transparent meeting where all members of the society were invited and allowed to discuss what could be done to improve the society. We requested the SGM but the HKKMS board refused to allow the meeting to take place. I’m still puzzled why these questions were so difficult to discuss in an open forum.

The points we wanted to discuss taken from our letter to the society:

1. The annual report from 2009 did not include the balance sheet and the accounts. These are required by the Society’s HK KMS Statutes | Nov 2009 (see Article 4 (b)). The balance sheet and accounts need to clearly describe all income and expenditures of the society.

2. There is a general lack of transparency in the operation of the society. Interaction between members is one of the main purposes of the Society according to its HK KMS Statutes | Nov 2009 (see Article 2). For example, the names of the individual and corporate members are missing from the 2009 annual report. The terms of office for the president and other board members are not generally known by the members and are missing from the 2009 annual report. Society meetings are scheduled without sufficient time for members to make plans to attend. Knowledge management activities in Hong Kong and the surrounding area are insufficiently communicated to the Society membership.

3. The HKKMS website requires substantial revision. It had been agreed at the 2007 AGM that this was a priority. Since that time, members have offered to help with the website revision. However, the membership can see few visible results to develop an up-to-date and interactive member driven website.

4. The HKKMS website domain is now owned by Waltraut Ritter, the founder of the Society. An effective and fair transfer of the domain to the society needs to be discussed.

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